Záhradka domáca SMART GARDEN 3 DARK GREY

Záhradka domáca SMART GARDEN 3 DARK GREY
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Záhradka domáci SMART GARDEN 3 DARK GREY

The SMART GARDEN CLICK AND GROW grocery cares for plants day by night, automatically 24 hours a day, providing plants with plenty of water, light and nutrients throughout the growing season! Specially developed intelligent soil ensures plants have optimal water, oxygen and nutrient configuration, so your plants are doing well with no effort. No pesticides, plant hormones or other harmful substances are used. The plant is also a high-quality LED lighting that supports plant growth with a modular arm to allow the height of the location of the light source above the plant to change. The basic package includes a set of 3 capsules with basil seeds so you can start growing immediately!

Simple procedure:

- Insert the capsules

- Add water

- Plug in the socket

Our plant capsules are biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals. SMART GARDEN has a 1.2L water tank to provide plenty of water for the entire month. Thanks to SMART GARDEN's energy-saving LED lighting, consumption is only 6W. SMART GARDEN thanks to the adjustable LED illumination ensures proper growth for plants with increased light sensitivity. Improved modular design of the luminaire allows for any height adjustment of the luminaire from the plant. There is no limit to how high your plants will grow. SMART Intelligent Soil is inspired by NASA technology. It creates the ideal environment that plants need for their proper growth. It releases nutrients in synchronization with the plant's life cycle, maintains a balanced pH of the soil, and thanks to small oxygen capsules it gives the plant enough free space and nutrients even if the soil is wet.

Package contents:

- SMART GARDEN home brewery

- 3x Basil capsule set

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